Introduce our lawyer

Katsuhito Yokokume Venture City Lawyer

Merits of having a legal advisor

1: You can consult with us immediately by phone or email when having trouble. 2: We will respond to your request promptly. 3: You can reduce the cost of legal consultation and the contingency fee paid to the lawyer.

Solving problems of corporation and individual customers

In the case of venture companies, it is difficult to respond quickly to legal issues and disputes due to the lack of counsel on a daily basis. We will focus on services specialized for Venture City customers, mainly debt collection, drafting and checking contracts (including English contracts), and providing legal advice (and solutions) regarding business entry. It is also our endeavor to help you solve your personal problems and concerns as a founder. Please feel free to contact us.


Consultation free. You can list us on your website as company’s legal advisor!
Monthly fee ¥30,000 Free consultation for daily legal matters. * Consumption tax will be charged separately.
Monthly fee ¥5,000 You can consult with us by phone or e-mail as a “virtual lawyer”. * Time charge: ¥5,000/ 30 minutes. * The maximum monthly fee: ¥50,000. (Consumption tax not included)

Request Flow

Free initial consultation

Free consultation charge for the first appointment. Please contact and make a reservation for consultation. We will listen and propose a solution that best suits your situation and needs. * You can make inquiries from the dedicated dial / E-mail provided by us after application.


We will listen and appoint you as your legal counsel. We will clarify the appropriate way to deal with your case and will do our best to support. We will explain the charges again, and start the advisory contract after having your consent.